Anti Hate Crime

Anti Hate Crime training events empowering children and young people to raise awareness, spot and challenge their peers, communities and future work colleagues and neighbours about hate crime and its impact.

Pupils at Patchway Community College demonstrated how our language can marginalise, isolate and hurt people during a family fun day on 19 July 2017 from 3-5pm at Coniston Parade, Patchway. Local charity Southern Brooks Community Partnerships runs Anti-Hate Crime Ambassador training in schools across South Gloucestershire. . Training pupils at Patchway Community College to become Anti-Hate Crime Ambassadors will help make Patchway a great place to live, where everyone’s welcomed and included.

The Family Fun Day during Patchway’s annual Festival gave our Anti-Hate Crime Ambassadors a golden opportunity to talk to Patchway people about their posters, which shows how language can hurt people. Our Ambassadors went the extra mile by working with the many diverse families to write positive messages on a poster. These posters will show the supportive, inclusive and kind language that we want to see in Patchway. As an incentive to get involved our Ambassadors offered a free lucky dip!

Caroline Browne, project coordinator said: ‘I love working with pupils at Patchway Community College during the last two terms. Their energy and enthusiasm has been amazing and I’m proud of their great ideas for action in their school and wider community. They have done themselves proud today.’

Julie Close, Southern Brooks Director said: ‘We’re really pleased that young people have enjoyed this project so much. It’s more important than ever, given what’s going on in the world, that everyone has the opportunity to understand each other, their cultures and life experiences. Young people are our future. What they’re taking part in now will go with them throughout their lives. It’s one of several projects we’re running as we work together to make sure that everyone is welcomed in our communities.’

The Home Office funds Southern Brooks to facilitate the Anti-Hate Crime Ambassadors Project. The project works with children and young people to develop as school and community leaders who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to tackle prejudice and discrimination. It brings people together to celebrate diversity.

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