An update for South Gloucestershire residents

Message from the council

The government has set out its plans for moving to the next phase of its response to Covid-19. We’re currently reviewing the government’s new guidance and its implications for South Gloucestershire. We’ll keep updating you.

We’re so thankful for the hard work of all front-line workers, including nurses. Today is International Nurses Day, the 200th anniversary of the birth of Florence Nightingale, who founded modern nursing and pioneered infection control. Florence was known as the Lady with the Lamp. To mark the day, senior nursing leaders are asking us all to shine a light from our windows at 8:30pm tonight to show our appreciation for all that nurses are doing to save and rebuild the lives of patients with Covid-19. This year is also International Year of the Nurse to mark what is the bicentenary of Florence’s birth.

We’ll be shining lights from our homes this evening and hope you’ll do the same across the district.

Stay safe and well


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Cllr Toby Savage

Leader of South
Gloucestershire Council

Dave Perry

Chief Executive, South
Gloucestershire Council

Confirmed cases in South Gloucestershire

As of 11 May, the official figures show 386 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in South Gloucestershire. The national picture is a total of 223,060 UK cases. The Department of Health and Social Care now publishes its daily announced figures on deaths from Covid-19 for the UK in a new series that uses improved data for England, produced by Public Health England (PHE). These figures now provide a count of all deaths where a positive test for Covid-19 has been confirmed, wherever that death has taken place. Total UK deaths are 32,065 (