National Autistic Society’s campaign Too Much Information

On 27th October we launched our campaign on Employment as part of TMI.  Please go to website to see the Report and the Campaign Film.

Sadly, employment for people with autism remains a huge challenge and our report shows that not much has changed in the past 9 years – full time, paid employment has risen by just 1% in this time, which is shamefully low. In addition to this, many autistic people find themselves in work which is unsuitable, insufficient or that doesn’t make good use of their skills and qualifications.

Too often, people with autism are also faced with damaging misconceptions about the condition from employers and colleagues and an unsympathetic jobs market in which the odds are stacked against them from the start. It’s not all bad news though as the level of part time employment has risen by a good margin. Still, many autistic people that are employed on a part time basis would like to work more hours if the option were available to them.

We need to make people more aware of these problems – the general public, employers, colleagues, the government as well as employment services like JobCentre Plus – and we need your help to do this. Please click on the link below to read the report and watch the campaign film. Once you’ve read and watched, please share these links on your social media and help us to spread the word.

Click here to see the Campaign Film & Report on the NAS website.