The chair of the Charity Commission has said that there should be more support and attention on smaller charities, which have been "eclipsed" by bigger brands. William Shawcross lamented the lack of attention and support for smaller charities and criticised large charities' fundraising tactics for damaging public trust and confidence in the whole sector. 

He said: "Sometimes I feel as though smaller charities don't get as much time and attention as they should get." And said he was concerned that small charities were often "eclipsed by the big brand organisations". But he said that there were moves afoot to provide more support to smaller charities. He cited the new partnership between the Charity Commission and the Department for International Development.  He said Patel had approached him ahead of the announcement and asked for its involvement in identifying "efficiently run charities in this area" and providing more support. Read the full story here

CVS South Gloucestershire is here to promote, develop and support small charities and local groups in South Gloucestershire. One of the ways we are doing this is through our new VCSE Directory for our members which provides an opportunity to show case your organisations work to local funders and commissioners.

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