Launched at the GSK IMPACT Awards ceremony on 18 May, The Kings Fund new report outlines the importance of investing in leadership within the voluntary and community sector and evaluates the success of our Cascading Leadership programme, which is run in partnership with GSK and Comic Relief.

"The voluntary and community sector (VCS) has a key role in creating a vibrant and healthy society and is increasingly seen as an important partner for the public sector in addressing some of society’s biggest challenges. The voluntary and community sector is extremely diverse, ranging from large national charities to small local providers with few or no paid staff; what connects these organisations it that they operate independently for the public good, supporting people and communities.

Throughout the UK there are approximately 163,000 VCS organisations, 36,000 of which provide health and social care services (NCVO 2016). The NHS five year forward view (NHS England et al 2014) recognises that the voluntary and community sector plays a vital role in the health and care system, stating that ‘voluntary organisations often have an impact well beyond what statutory services alone can achieve’ but acknowledging that support for voluntary organisations is put under pressure when funding is tight......"

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