Lord Farmer and Clinks are calling on organisations and academics to contribute to an independent review to investigate how supporting men in prison in England and Wales to engage with their families can reduce reoffending and assist in addressing intergenerational crime. The Farmer Review will report to the Ministry of Justice in January 2017.

We want to learn from you and be made aware of relevant research and international good practice that can help us to develop policy recommendations. Do you have expertise and experience to share?

How to submit your evidence
We want to know what works and what doesn't in maintaining and building relationships between men in prison and their families. Please submit your evidence to [email protected] by Monday 17th October.
We would appreciate information on four areas of focus
1. What is known to work to help families and men in prison maintain and even improve family ties?
2. What is known to work to help those men who do not have any family connection? This might be because men were previously in the care system. It may also be because they lost contact with family because of going to prison or due to the nature of their offending.
3. Suggestions for changes to improve support for men to have the family relationships they need to help them to resettle when they leave prison.
4. Anything else you think is relevant to our review from your own experience.

Please submit your evidence to [email protected] by Monday 17th October

Find out more about the Farmer Review here