The Index of Wellbeing in Later Life provides a multi-faceted measure of older people's wellbeing across health, social, personal, financial and local environment domains.  A report has been published (see below)

Age UK aims to measure how older people in the UK are doing. We are using the term wellbeing as the main outcome of interest.

Age UK outlines the need to be able to understand where and why wellbeing is low to inform our influencing activity, and to gain an understanding of the policy and practical levers for improving wellbeing.

Age UK’s Index of Wellbeing in Later Life allows us to:

  • Focus on older people, rather than all ages;
  • Cover most aspects of people’s lives by using multiple indicators of wellbeing in one single measure;
  • Focus on objective as well as subjective aspects of life and wellbeing

The Index of Wellbeing Report can be read here

it highlights the importance of maintaining meaningful engagement with the world for older people's wellbeing and recommends that work needs to be done in reducing barriers and increasing enablers to societal engagement for the UK's older people. 

For more information about Age UK and its work contact Age UK South Gloucestershire