The final report of the Inclusive Growth Commission has been published. It considers evidence reviewed by the Commission through the course of its inquiry, including a response by NAVCA. This report sets out a framework and recommendations for achieving inclusive growth. These are addressed equally to central government and to councils and UK city regions, many of which are on the threshold of important metro mayoral elections.

The Commission proposes four key sets of recommendations for putting inclusive growth at the heart of public policy and finance:

Place-based industrial strategies: Delivering business-led productivity and quality jobs. The Commission recommends:

  • City regions work together to form sectoral coalitions linking industry sectors and places in order to modernise industrial strategy.
  • The creation of new institutions or civic enterprises to connect business and industry, training providers and universities.
  • That cities become places of life-long learning, with a commitment to human capital development from ‘cradle to grave.’

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