Chris Ham writes, "There is more that unites the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat manifestos on the NHS than divides them. All three parties reiterate their commitment to the enduring principles of the NHS. All promise to increase NHS funding during the next parliament. And all outline plans to improve care and to deliver key waiting time and other standards. Where they exist, the differences between the three parties relate to the extent of these commitments, how they will be paid for, and which other issues each party sees to be important. On funding, for example, there are small but not trivial differences in the scale of increases planned, although comparisons are not helped by lack of detail on the commitments that have been made. From what we know, it appears that Labour’s plans are marginally more generous than those of the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats – at least in the early years of the parliament." Read the full commentary

Big Election Questions. As we head to a general election on 8 June 2017, The Kings Fund track how the campaign unfolds and examine the big issues facing health and social care. 

What policies are needed to improve children’s health? Is there 'parity of esteem' between mental and physical health? What are Sustainability and transformation plans and why do they matter? 

Election Tracker. Read about the policies from the main parties around health and care as they are announced. 

What the Manifestos mean for health? 

Ahead of the general election, The Kings Fund summarise the main pledges made by the three main parties on health and social care.

This content summarises the key manifesto pledges made by the three main parties on health and social care. It focuses on specific new commitments. It does not provide any analysis of the pledges but simply outlines them as they appear in the manifestos