Profile for Thornbury Volunteer Centre

This organisations is based in Thornbury and works across Severnvale. It seeks to promote, support and develop volunteering and improve community cohesion and aid community development.

Main activities of the Volunteer Centre are to

  • broker volunteering in the community, raise awareness, host volunteering events and provide training on volunteering issues
  • recruit and support volunteers and volunteer-involving organisations in our local area
  • provide a service which matches volunteers with organisations which need voluntary help.

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Thornbury Volunteer Centre would use funds raised through the South Gloucestershire Challenge to 

  • continue the partnership with Castle School Sixth Form and the Castle in the Community student volunteering scheme - which places Year 13 students in the local community and voluntary organisations for one afternoon a week during term time. See Case Study below for more.
  • The Volunteer Centre finds the placements and monitors the scheme but are finding it increasingly difficult with present funding, so additional income from the fundraising Challenge would help enormously

Case studies how Thornbury Volunteer Centre help in the community

Case Study: Castle in the Community

The scheme encourages year-13 pupils into volunteering as part of their Extended Curriculum and helps students volunteer in their local community for two hours, once a week, during term time. The scheme aims to enable young people to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens. 

"This experience has helped me to develop my communication and organisational skills and made me aware of issues I didn't know existed," Student quote, volunteer for Age UK

Case Study: Brokering Essilor Ltd volunteers for Thornbury in Bloom

Essilor Ltd encourage their staff to take time out to volunteer. A group of staff have volunteered in the garden at Turnberrie’s each Tuesday, clearing borders and planting, and in Filnore Woods, helping working parties and scything grass.

"Liasing with the Volunteer Centre, Essilor, Turnberrie's and Filnore Woods helps us to achieve community participation", Guy Rawlinson,Thornbury in Bloom

We are pleased, excited and humbled by the experience at Turnberrie's and Filnore Woods," Peter Dodd, Essilor Ltd