Profile for South Gloucestershire Chinese Association

This organisation works across South Gloucestershire, with the aim to improve quality of the life of Chinese people in the South Gloucestershire and the surrounding area and  Specifically working to promote the health and welfare services to the Chinese elderly and others people with language, mental, physical or health difficulties and to help integrate them with other communities for cohesion of wider society and to reduce isolation.. 

The main activities are around

  • sport and recreation activities with Chinese culture
  • talks & seminars with Chinese interpretation for better access information
  • helping Chinese people with language difficulty in receiving services and applying for benefits.

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South Gloucestershire Chinese Association would use funds raised in the South Gloucestershire Challenge to

  • organise activities concerning Chinese people’s mental health awareness training
  • improve access to service information.

Case studies how South Gloucestershire Chinese Association have helped their local communities

Case Study: Translation and Interpretation Services

The English language barrier causes Chinese people substantial difficulties in daily life. SGCA provides support with this through;

  • Information sessions about services from professionals, with Chinese interpretation  
  • Drop in sessions to come in to ask questions with bi-lingual workers in attendance
  • One-to-one support from bi-lingual workers to help get information and access services eg. contact with service providers, making application for benefits, accompanying people to surgery and hospitals for treatment and examination.

"These services really help Chinese people overcome their difficulties in daily life so that they can live a normal life", Weijie Song, South Gloucestershire Chinese Association

Case Study. Chinese Cultural Activities

To help integrate the Chinese community and promote the Chinese culture with the wider society, The Chinese Association organise groups and events, such as a Choir and Chinese Music and Dance group, Taichi and other Kongfu exercise groups for active living.

These groups also perform at many events, which  are appreciated by wider society, such as in South Glos Engage festival, Yate Carnivals in Yate, Bristol Museum for Chinese new year celebration. 

These activities help bridge cultural differences which help integrate the Chinese community into the wider South Gloucestershire community and aids community cohesion.