Profile for Shopmobility South Gloucestershire

Based in Yate, Shopmobility seeks to reduce social isolation for people with mobility problems through daily and longer-term hire of scooters and wheelchairs. This helps people to access local shops and services, go on holiday and get around during period of recuperation after an accident or operation.

Benefits of this service are

  • an improvement in confidence, independence and quality of life for members and their carers
  • People with mobility problems are better able to engage more fully within the community
  • the ability to signpost and support people to access other services as appropriate.

For more information about the organisation contact on tel. 01454 868718 or email. [email protected]

Raise money for Shopmobility

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Shopmobility would use funds raised through the South Gloucestershire Challenge to purchase of new batteries for the scooters and new scooter bags.

Case studies how Shopmobility help in the community

mobility scootersCase Study: 

We have supported a elderly married couple over many years, whom are regular users of the service. The husband is the main carer despite his own physical difficulties and is pivotal in helping his wife get out the home environment. They both enjoy being able to undertake activities together and the scooters enable them to do that. 

"For this couple, and many like them, the use of a mobility scooter plays an vital role in their lives and makes a vast improvement in their quality of life."