Profile for Precious Time Consortium

This organisation works from several locations in Patchway. They aim to get older people back into the community and involved in activities where they can use their skills and have them valued, to give people with dementia a sense of value and acceptance within the community and to prevent isolation.

The Consortium runs 

  • Memory Cafe, for people with Dementia and their carers.Enabling people with dementia to be part of the community whilst supporting carers and preventing both the person with dementia and the carer from being isolated
  • Men in Sheds encouraging older people to get together and share their woodworking skills and ideas to help prevent isolation
  • Silver Surfers encourage older people to use computers allowing them access to online services
  • Older People's Tea Party providing a social get together for people and prevent then feeling isolated in the community
  • Sewing group sharing ideas and skills in an informal setting.

Raise money for Precious Time Consortium

Precious Time Consortium would use funds raised through the South Gloucestershire Challenge to 

  • extend the range of activities that we can offer
  • take more isolated older people out on day trips
  • to buy a tablet for the memory cafe, for those with dementia and memory issues to use

Pledge to raise funds for this organisation by forming a South Gloucestershire Challenge team and completing fundraising activity of your choice. You can also raise funds as an individual if you want too.  

Sponsored Cycle Ride - by Southern Brooks to fundraise for Precious Time Consortium, where all staff will ride miles on a static bike in January 2017. Sponsor the staff on this Cycle Ride or to find out more here

Or simply donate some money directly to the project.

Case studies how Precious Time Consortium have helped the community they serve

Case Study: Memory Cafe

Trips out are an important part of our work as the nature of the illness is that people with dementia find it hard to go out which often leads to isolation for the carer. After a day trip to a local museum, Oakham Treasures, Sue Stengal, Chair, Precious Time Consortium, says,

"It was quite magical to see those with dementia remembering things from their childhood and working days. It created a conversation between them and their carers, and brougt many smiles and much laughter. We learnt so much from them that day about where they worked, thier childhood and younge lives. Everyone enjoyed it so much they want to make another trip there".